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AUSSIE BUDGET Payment Information

All Domestic Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Jobs are strictly cash on completion of job.

Our prices are so competitive that we operate on minimal margins most banking institutes charge fees for eftpos, credit cards and even cheque deposits which would further add to our cost to our highly discounted prices so to save our customers money we request cash payments on completion of job Thank you for understanding. If you would like a free quote on any of your pest control or carpet cleaning needs just give the team a call on 54958295

Office Hours Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 5.30 pm

Saturday 7.30 to 112.00 pm


AUSSIE BUDGET Pricing Information Guide


Carpet CleaningFromPest ControlFrom
Average Small Bedroom Room 3×3$10.00Basic 2 Bedroom Unit (Internal)$60.00
Basic 2 Bedroom Unit$55.00Basic 2 Bedroom Unit (External)$60.00
Basic 3 Bedroom House$65.00Basic 3 Bedroom House (Internal)$75.00
Basic 2 Bedroom Townhouse (With Stairs)$90.00Basic 3 Bedroom House (External)$75.00
Basic 3 Bedroom Townhouse (With Stairs)$100.00Basic Roof Cavity$40.00
Mats & Rugs$10.00Basic Yard$150.00
Stain Treatment$10.00
Extra Discounts For CombinedExtra Discounts For Combined
Carpet Cleaning & Pest ControlCarpet Cleaning & Pest Control


Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric ProtectionFromCommercial Carpet CleaningFrom
Dining Room Chairs$10.00Private Schools
Single Seater Lounge Chair$25.00Government Schools
Double Seater Lounge Chair$50.00Sports Centres
Three Seater Lounge Chair$65.00Shops and Business Premises
Five Seater Lounge Chair$110.00Resorts
Fabric Protection (Per Seat)$12.00Age Care Facilities
Car Upholstery Seats$60.00Pubs and Clubs
Car Upholstery Carpet$50.00Childcare Facilities
Single Mattress$40.00Offices
Double Mattress$50.00
Queen Mattress$60.00
Vertical Blinds (Per Blade)$1.50
Stain Treatment$10.00
Minimum Charge$55.00
Office Hours Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm | Saturday 7:30 am till 12 pmSaturday Surcharge$15.00
Surcharges may apply for some areasPrices Are Subject To Change


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